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Welcome to the Teeside Netball League Website

After 14 months we are now able to return to Middlesbrough Sports Village to commence our summer season 2021. There are however some changed that we have to adhere to and i have listed these below.

Please enter the sports hall by the entrance on the side of the sports hall and NOT at the main reception area.
Each team to provide their own sanitiser and hands to be sanitised before the game and at the interval.
There will be no swapping of bibs for subs to take to the court.
The ball will be cleaned by the umpire before the game and at the interval.
At the start of play the GK/GS are required to be in their respective goal circles 4ft (1.2m) away from their opposing players and the 4ft rule will continue throughout the game.
Spectators must wear masks.
Toss ups are removed.
No idle interaction with anyone else during the game.
No shouting on court.

I'm sure we will soon get back into things but if you have any questions or need any more information please contact us via the website or social media.

Have a good season ladies, you've waited a long time for it.




League Secretary:
Kath Callan